completed works

... or at least they feel that way. Having 194 files in 15 folders worth of essays is indicative of just how difficult it can be to say, "this one's done." There comes a time when some divine inspiration, guilty conscience, or pure, dumb luck provides the necessary motive force for a work to be worthy of being considered complete. The following have been deemed complete or near enough so that by making them available here will not be an act of suicidal embarrassment. I trust you'll find these thought provoking and entertaining.

The Saga of Sal - there's something in the water

Adirondack Vacation 2018 - another much needed escape to the woods

Adirondack Vacation 2019 - same mountains; different campground

Adirondack Vacation 2014 - this year's weeklong escape from the madness

Adirondack Vacation 2013 - a weeklong escape from the madness

Goodwill Towards Men - a Christmas vignette

Reference Point - divine intervention delivers the gift of inspiration; and more

Sound Advice - never toy with a road hardened soundman

An essay compilation - an odd, loose-jointed collection of five essays: Deep freeze, Springtime revisitation, Baptism, As luck would have it, and Speaking of great shark hunts

The Rights to One's Rights - on bucking versus capitulating

The ODD Reader - temporarily putting a childhood behavioral quirk to rest

Fish Fishing in America - seasons and people change: on revisiting and rekindling past joys

The King of Babylon - convenience causes motormouth: documented proof

A Sign of the (Mad) Times - on perceiving and doing what's right

Dream Confessional - exposing a concise, one scene play

Baseball Crime and Punishment - on dealing with the Alex Rodriguez problem

Does Not Play Well With Others - clock spring sproings in dense population

A Natural Hero - against all odds, the little guy kicks some serious ass

Technological Clusterfawk - cramming ten pounds of electronic crap into a five pound bag

Logo Lunacy - a bank shamelessly pisses away assets and pisses on its customers

Last Ride - check out time on a Gold Wing

Rainy Day Daze - how to kill an otherwise unproductive day

Clapton is a Whore - documented proof that Slowhand E.C. gives it up if the price is right

Life, Death, and what's just and fair - two opposite extremes with a common denominator

On losing faith - competition and baseball turn mean and ugly: just play ball

Acronym Soup - Faster! Faster! Faster! More information! Less time! Anacronize!

It's My Road, Too, 'Ya Know - a jab at a certain type of popular motor vehicle and its drivers

Under the Microscope - an overview of the au courant media frenzy on all things Jacko

Cell Phone Nation - wallet, keys, cell phone? In 2003, the cell phone-free are a minority group

Terrified of Terror - "We are in control" say DHS officials. Color me unconvinced

Wishing on a Star - baseball then and now, World Series drama, and asking The Big Question

The Colchester Miracle - a humorous and entertaining case of mistaken identity

Celebrity Sellouts - legalized prostitution thrives in the entertainment and advertising worlds

I'll Pass on the Soup Du Jour - the kind of book report you always wanted to write for school

It's Worse Than That, He's Dead, Jeff - journals, privacy, and paranoia: paper trail to the soul

Re-entry challenged Challenger - Callous satire draped over the coffin of a dead news story