Goodwill Towards Men

a Christmas vignette

Miracles do happen. I know. I just experienced one.

And I've never been one to hold out for The Big Miracle, instead being perfectly happy with small, mini-miracles. No holding out for the $400,000,000 lottery for me. The $1,000,000 would be just fine. After all, I'm not greedy...

Having finished (I think) doing my 2013 Christmas cards, while affixing stamps on the envelopes I realized I was 4 stamps shy of what was needed. Drat! Though (for me) finishing this job earlier than usual this year, heh, I could only envision the waiting line nightmare awaiting me at the Post Office on this Saturday the 21st of December. Grrr!

Upon my arrival at the Post Office, it was clear by the length of the line, that purchasing the needed postage was going to involve waiting in line the better part of an hour. From the sidewalk, I lamented my case to a guy finishing his smoke before getting in the line. It was at that point the miracle occurred.

A woman passing by after exiting the Post Office had overheard my tale of woe, turned around, and asked "How many stamps do you need?"

"Only four," I replied, adding "but the smallest bill I have is a 'ten.'"

Then the miracle sweetened, with her saying "That's okay. I think I have a book of stamps in the car I can sell you."

We walked over to an American made SUV, she opened up the back hatch door, and started rummaging around in a purse, then a cloth shopping bag. All the while her husband and two kids sat patiently in the car. And bingo! Out of the depths of the shopping bag came a booklet of stamps!

"Uh oh. There are only 18 stamps left of the 20," she said. "Let me see if I have change for the 'ten.'"

I insisted on her taking the ten and forgetting about the change, adding "You saved me so much time waiting in line, it's worth it. Buy some extra stamps with the change."

I thanked her profusely and we wished each other merry Christmas. A smile crossed my face as I entered the Post Office walking past the line of customers waiting for service. I put the newly acquired postage on the four remaining envelopes, and stuck the mass of cards into the Stamped Mail slot. And I was back on my walk back to the apartment in no time flat.

So miracles do happen. And angels* not only exist, but they walk among us.

So thank you to my anonymous Christmas angel, whoever you are.


Merry Christmas, peace on Earth, and goodwill towards men.

* I'm not an Amazon supporter - just linking info about a book in my collection which was a gift to me from an angel I happen to be related to: my sister.