please forgive me Father, for I have dreamed. Uh, dreamt?

Saturdays rock -- at least if one doesn't have to work, they do. I just woke up from a brief yet deliciously sinful, late afternoon nap. The following is the last part of a dream I was in just before waking up. I thought it was "funny," in both "ha ha" and "peculiar" definitions, and for reasons unknown to me, decided to share it with you.

Caveat emptor: I haven't done this before. Ever. So this might be shit from word go. You've been warned.

The preposterous premise: A chance encounter if the outlaw Josey Wales had his own website.

The scene: the outlaw/webmaster Wales is seated with legs crossed and extended, boots up on a table. He's leaning back balancing on the chair's rear legs, hat shifted forward, brim flat down over his nose. He is approached by a young and obviously adoring fan.

Fan: You sleepin', Mr. Wales?

Wales: Nope, not sleepin', kid. Just taking a good, long look at the inside of my eyelids ...

Fan: Mr. Wales, iffin you don't mind?

Wales: Spit it out, kid.

Fan: I was at the computer last night and read your whole website.

Wales: The whole site?

Fan: Yes, sir, Mr. Wales -- the whole site.

Wales: Well that's a lot of readin' there, Missy.

Fan shyly half turns away and blushes.

Wales: You must have one helluva lota patience to read that whole web site in one sittin'.

Fan (nodding): I reckon so, Mr. Wales.

(pregnant pause, strictly for dramatic effect)

Wales: 'Course patience and brains is two different things.