what is A View From The Fringe?
Contemplate history:

In the mid-1980s I was asked to write for Enjoying Radio, an eclectic amateur radio newsletter lovingly published by David Newkirk. My sophomoric contributions soon turned into writing for other newsletters and magazines. A column in development was nameless and couldn't debut without a title. Then a miracle of sorts happened.

Someone wrote in about an article and quipped, "You're right out there on the fringe, Jeff." That "fringe comment" didn't seem derogatory at all. As a matter of fact I kind of liked it. And that was how A View From The Fringe was born. Some years later it served as the name for the news and commentary portion of my radio program, Off Frequency, which aired on WAPJ. It was also the name of a long-since abandoned pamphlet series.

Experience present tense:

In this life, A View From The Fringe serves as a descriptive moniker for this website: my personal classroom and workshop for learning HTML and CSS coding, and electronic showcase for essays, rants, raves, reviews, curious commentary and absurd predictions. It's also an excellent way to kill tremendous amounts of precious time!

Though changes and updates have been sporadic, more frequent and consistent additions are happening. Check in regularly, as one never knows what may have found its way onto the website!