keeping things in perspective

Some folks take everything life throws their way seriously. I'm not a member of that tribe. There is relief and healing in laughter.

The following are a few things uncovered on the web that I found humorous; some being simply pictures and others with commentary. If you are hopelessly serious and can't appreciate some of the humor extracted from the folly of mankind, then pass on these pages. The rest of you, enjoy!

Remember: a satirist is a cynic with a sense of humor.

More Signs of the (mad) Times - Weirdness in Winsted openly displayed for all to see.

Federal Tax Form simplified - Uncle Sam really simplifies the 1040-EZ tax form. April 15th approacheth, so downloadeth ...

War with Iraq update - Delays in the start up of the war with Iraq uncovered. An exclusive from A View From The Fringe!

Mass Transit SNAFUs - Wouldn't you just love to see these buses provide service in your neighborhood?

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