There's just something about Winsted, I guess. Whether it's in the water supply or air, one doesn't have to look too hard to find evidence of an undercurrent of weirdness in the land of 06098. And said weirdness manifests itself in various signage around town, as first noted here in A Sign of the (Mad) Times.

A recent accidental upgrade to a new cell phone with camera had afforded me the sometimes luxury of snapping a quick picture of whatever might catch my eye. Besides promoting a picture's meaning can express ten thousand words, this otherwise poor excuse for a camera provides proof for whatever words spew forth from your sometimes trusty scribe.

Reviewing the picture cache in the phone a few days ago revealed a few I found odd enough and worthy of sharing here. I trust you'll enjoy.


While on a hike checking out the downstream effect from the deep draw down of Highland Lake, I found myself in the middle of an old factory complex and its plethora of buildings. One otherwise non-descript building sported this sign over a doorway; though a trip around back didn't reveal the "hippy entrance."

And perhaps that's exactly the point of the sign, eh?

You have to love that "NO EXCEPTIONS" tag.


This Halloween lawn ornament is all class, albeit LOW class, and proves that Appalachians migrated to northwestern CT.

One could almost understand this placed on a buddy's front yard as a prank. Tacky? Sure! But it would fit in with the trick-or-treat spirit of the season. However, consider the "inscription."

Just what kind of person would unabashedly scribe such text on something right in front of their own house? This question is all the more poignant considering that the house is next door to a day care center. Classy, huh?

And to pick nits:

1 - It's "Here" not "hear,"
2 - the past tense of the verb "to shit" is "shat," not "shit,"
3 - Paul shouldn't be "still shitting" if he is deceased.


The latest in this Parade of Signage Idiocy is on the Art and Science Center building at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. The clincher here will be revealed if you click on the image for a larger view. Note that the building is built with masonry blocks and mortar. As a matter of fact, after walking around the entire building, I couldn't spot any combustible material at all on the vertical exterior of the building.

It can only be assumed that the sign was placed where it was in keeping with the nanny state mentality that grips the nation. Heaven forbid some non-smoker walk out the door of the building and catch a whiff of tobacco smoke!

All I can add is that though the nanny state protectors of purity may legislate where I smoke, it's reassuring to know I CAN STILL FART WHEREVER THE FUCK I PLEASE!