viewpoint and commentary on three
   news stories from the past week

Ideas sometime spark to life from peculiar tinder. Such was the case for this particular collection of works. The direction of a recent essay ended up splitting into three distinct sub-topics. Being a work-in-progress, this wasn’t a problem as it could easily be cut apart and made into three separate essays, but this surgery was never to occur. All three sub-topics shared something in common: they were all commentary on news stories from the past week. Though not necessarily the Big Three, these stories stood out from the flood of news and caught my attention enough to evoke passionate opinion. Readers may not share these opinions, but I hope can appreciate the passion. My wish for you is to enjoy!

So without further adieu, here is a list. These are simple hyperlinks: just point to and click on the date of the article you are interested in and let the awesome power of your computer and the Internet automagically fetch the desired article and display it on your screen for you. Ah, technology ...

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