some works in progress

Here are some essays or other writing projects in varying degrees of completion: hence being half-baked. Please remember that these "works-in-progress" can be either half-baked or half-raw, depending upon from which vantage point you're viewing them. Either way, bon appetite!

Expedition to Bug Lake - a year-long, Adirondack dream realized. Page Two --- Page Three --- to be continued

The Name Game - moved to Radio Matters 2005/11/22.

Radio Recollections - a real work in progress destined for the Radio Matters page. Watch this trip down Radio Memory Lane evolve.

Does Not Play Well With Others - moved to Essays 2006/03/22.

Commission Revision - Dubya trips on his shoe laces attempting to get to the bottom of that 9-11 thing.

Cold Days - Old Ways - a short poem and a perfect example of why I avoid that particular form of writing.

The Coffee Chronicles - with coffee gone chic it's tough getting a cup of plain old coffee.