The King of Babylon

My cellphone, a Verizon Samsung "portable dual-band tri-mode phone" model SCH-A650, for the techno-weenies, though an antique to some, has more features than I could ever use. One such feature I happened upon quite by accident is a running "Life Time" of the number of calls and total "talk time."

The key sequence "Menu > Calls > Call Timer > Life Time" brought up a pop-up window that displayed:

Life Time
9743 calls

I've always been fascinated with numbers and enjoy playing with them. So being armed with a calculator and not afraid to use it, I proceeded to analyse this data. First was to convert 0627:46:02 to something more palatable. 627 hours divided by 24 hours = 26.125 days; or 26 days and 3 hours. Adding the 46 minutes and 2 seconds gave me 26d-3h-46m-2s.

While the calculator was out on the desk (no, I don't use calculator apps on the computer, thank you very much!), the analyzation continued:

Given that 26 days X 24 hours/day = 624 hours,

624 hours X 60 minutes/hour = 37440 minutes
3 hours X 60 minutes/hour = 180 minutes
add the stray minute figure 46 minutes
add the stray second figure .0333333 minutes
TOTAL MINUTES 37666.0333333 minutes

Now for the best part: 37666.0333333 minutes divided by 9743 calls = 3.8559584 minutes per call.

To some, I strongly suspect the above will send strong warning signals with the message "this guy has issues." However, in my defense, at least this display of arithmomania and exercise thereof proves I am not the King of Babble On.

Anyone still with me here?