ALT TEXT HERE   an open letter to: an anonymous, heretofore close friend

Sex, politics and religion: the three topics we've been suggested to avoid in conversation, lest said conversation jeopardize existing or potential friendship. During a volley of posts with a friend on his Internet discussion forum, we managed to hit on two out of three: politics and religion. The volley grew progressively more intense and with each ratchet click of point-counterpoint, the power of the written word cut increasingly closer to the bone. After I entered a particularly sharp and well aimed posting, I was denied access to the discussion forum.

Here's the text of the e-mail I sent my friend on February 9, 2004. As no reply has been received reply as of today, September 25, I'm not (nor have I been) holding my breath ...


Apparently I've been banned from your e-forum, in that I can't "log on" from my personal IP addy, yet can from another addy I have access to. I sent you an e-mail the day I noticed the "FORBIDDEN: You don't have permission..." response, though haven't gotten a reply back from you.

Basically, I'm hurt.

Time wears on and as we get older, nature emotionlessly thins out our circle of friends far too fast. There's no need to lubricate nature by haphazardly disposing friendships.

The courtesy of a reply, however brief, would be appreciated. No reply would speak volumes.



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