Go Box Suggestion

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Go boxes seem to be all the rage today with amateur radio operators. Whether inspired by preppers, EMCOMM, POTA, or otherwise non-affiliated portable ops, they're popular and for good reasons. However, one can spend a considerable amount of money on a go box, let alone the cost of the goodies to be housed within.

In a former life, I worked for sound reinforcement companies contracted by Connecticut and Massachusetts based bands as either house or monitor mix guy, and stage tech. To the unfamiliar, these jobs may appear glamorous, but more often than not also involved being a truck driver, crew chief, roadie, loading and off loading many an Anvil™ road case and their ilk. So it's with considerable experience I have a deep appreciation for the protection and well being of electronic gear and accessories. That said ...

...here's my go box. It has been in faithful service to house ALL radio-related items for transit/transport to and from annual camping trips to the Adirondack Mountains, as well as other random activiations, since 2007. In those 15 years, no equipment has ever been damaged. Not. Even. Once.


However, before impulsively rushing out to get one, first consider the words of 12th century French monk Alain de Lille: "Do not hold everything gold that shines like gold", or later Shakespeare's more familiar, innocent or plagiarized, "all that glistens is not gold", or the modern day variation "All that glitters is not gold". Applied to the subject at hand, my go box has both pluses and minuses. In the interest of full disclosure, I present:

Downsides - aka caveat emptor

Still interested? If so, here are the photos: